Viva! (2021-22)

Materials: found paper towel holder, Viva paper towel, embroidery thread
Dimensions: 15cm (H); 40cm (W), 25cm (D); 1.5kg (weight)

My practice often oscillates between employing the hyper-spectacle as a subversive strategy, and using banal, uninteresting, even typically ‘unspectacular’ materials. Sometimes both at the same time. In my latest series of works I am using toilet paper and paper towel products and making objects and installations which are seemingly understated.

In Viva!, a single roll of Viva paper towel is embroidered with a what appears to be a single, unbroken line of white thread (all the way through). The work comments on the matrilineality of care labour and took approximately 30 unpaid hours to make. The sewn paper towel is mounted on a 1970s-style paper towel holder.

Sale price = $609.90*

*$20.33 (minimum wage) x 30 hours = sale price

Viva! won the $5,000 Moreton Bay Region Art Prize in 2022.