#SoBrave: an exhibition of Brave Girls (2018)

#SoBrave: an exhibition of Brave Girls was an exhibition held between 28 November – 3 December 2018, and the works exhibited are the final creative outcomes of my Doctor of Philosophy (visual arts) degree.

Three works form part of this series:
1. Brave Girl: The Martyr (I think I am funny but maybe I just like looking at myself) 2018
2. Brave Girl: The Warrior 2018
3. Brave Girl: The Heroine

The ‘Brave Girl’ persona is inspired by cosplay and comic strip characters and is clad in mock super-hero/medieval battle costume. She performs as the literal embodiment of what it means to be an ’empowered’ brave woman in the neoliberal context except, instead of doing so virtuously, in a way that is acceptable and worthy of well-socialised women, she is absurdly running for no particular ‘worthy’ reason at all—besides, of course, because it is “brave to be fast!”

Karike Ashworth_Brave Girl: The Martyr (I think I'm funny but maybe I just like looking at myself) 2018Should you be interested in running fast yourself, Brave Girl has a half-marathon training YouTube Channel which can be viewed here:
You too can be part of the Brave Girl story by purchasing your very own Brave Girl merch at: www.bravegirlmerch.com.