Bushman’s Legacy (2023)

Artists: Dr Karike Ashworth, Julie Darby, Wendy Just, Ann Kirby, Peta Walker
Dimensions: 40 x 50cm

Materials: shopping receipts, lists, recipes, the community newspaper, church brochures/circulars, domestic food and other product wrappings, birthday and Christmas wrapping paper etc.

Bushman’s Legacy is a collaborative artwork made from rescued paper-based materials associated with the participating artist’s domestic and community care activities. It was made onsite at the Bushman’s Artisan Gallery in 2023. The title Bushman’s Legacy references the Bushman’s Hotel, a landmark in Blackall’s history, which is now the site of Bushman’s Artisan Gallery. The woven artwork embodies a legacy of care and community that has been, and continues to be, passed down through generations of women in the town; women who are the fabric of the community. The work highlights the important role that women have played in shaping Blackall’s history—a legacy that is still being woven by women living in the community today.

Bushman’s Legacy (2023) is held in the Bushman’s Artisan Gallery collection.